Tips and Tricks

Take the Challenge and Start Saving Today

Finding creative ways to save money can be difficult. Here is an easy way to keep some extra cash from escaping you.


Take the DIME Challenge:

Step 1: Keep all your dimes, ask for change back in dimes, just keep an eye out for them.

Step 2: Put them in the container any time you think of it.

Step 3: Count it up and realize your savings!

Try either of these:

  • Regular empty water bottle filled up with dimes adds up to $100 (approximately, obviously may be a little more or less if your bottle is bigger/smaller) 10 bottles = $1000!
  • 2 L empty soda bottle filled adds up to $500-700!

Grab an empty bottle and start the DIME challenge, you’ll have more money than you think saved in no time.