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Get a little boost on your wellness regime with some audio support!

Are you the veteran workout person, or maybe just getting started? Either way, amp up your progress by learning a little more about the subject at hand. Want to learn about how to do a high-intensity workout? Need some help getting a little push in the right direction and some inspirational stories? Get some information! But, who has time for that? Most of us barely have time to focus on actually trying to work out or do something active. Podcasts. They are the perfect way to get targeted and interesting information easily, gain knowledge, and even allow you to do 2 things at once (if you are one of those multitasker people). Good podcasts tell stories in a way that captivates you and leaves you craving more – perfect for keeping your interest in fitness primed.



Need some inspiration to eat a little less meat? Or maybe you are just skeptical that cutting some meat from your diet will cost you in the gym. Host Matt Frazier is famous for being a plant-based runner and athlete and has a magical way of making you believe without being snobby. He shares his experiences running several ultra marathons (amazingly, all on a plant-based diet). You could say he knows a thing or two about how to maximize your athletic performance. Despite his success story as a vegan athlete, he remains very humble and down to earth about it all, which makes it an easy listen.

His podcast is a great place to get encouraging stories and explore curiosity about vegetarian and vegan diets, or maybe just getting some more veggies into your current diet. Frazier distinctly avoids being pushy or “in your face” about going vegan or pointing to faults in your current diet.

No Meat Athlete is for anyone and everyone. Whether a veggie diet is your thing or not, there are lots of episodes and material that you will find useful.



This show, you may not be surprised to hear, is all about being happier in your life. It is extremely relatable and accessible to the average person. The host, Gretchen does the show with her sister Elizabeth. They aren’t trying to be the experts at all things, but give realistic and simple tips, suggestions and insights that help you make each day of your life a little happier. The show has a really large listener base which offers up suggestions for the show’s topics – again making it super relatable.



This podcast will fuel your passion for endurance sport and a healthy lifestyle. It is chock-full of tips, stories, and news related to running, triathlon and other sports training, as well as cutting-edge information on nutrition. Designed for everyone from exercise enthusiast to elite athlete. The blog has a rotating list of expert co-hosts that cover subjects such as sports nutrition, sports medicine, being an amateur athlete, being a pro-athlete and just generally pushing your limits.

Get more engaged in your whole health. Check out one of these podcasts and have it ready in the queue next time you are working out, driving to work or just unwinding from your day.