Tips and Tricks

Copper cups, decor, pans, pretty much copper everything has recently seen a jump in popularity. If you find yourself with copper items in your household you may have noticed that they only stay that brilliant shimmering metallic rose color for a brief time before getting a dirty “look” to them. This is caused by something called oxidation. Don’t despair! You can easily get that brand new shine back to your copper by cleaning it. Soap and water all day long just won’t do the trick, however. You need to get some science into your cleaner. Lucky for you it is super simple using things you likely have around the house.

Method 1: Ketchup. Yep, the ingredients in ketchup will gently strip away the discoloration and leave your shiny copper finish. All it takes is pouring a dab of ketchup onto a cloth and rubbing it on the item. Then, rinse with warm water and dry normally.

Method 2: Salt and Vinegar. Simply shake some salt over the copper, pour some vinegar onto a sponge and SCRUB! The salt helps cut through more aggressive discoloration. Repeat until the copper is as shiny as you want. Rinse with water, drying immediately.

Revive some life back into your copper using things you have at home!