Dental Health

Overcome Anxiety So You Can Have a Smile You Love.

Truth: Going to the dentist can cause us anxiety. But, why? Is it the looming fear that something bad is going to happen with our teeth? Is it the fact that we worry about the expense and uncertainty with what our dental work might cost?

We want to redefine the way you think about your dental care and appointments. Fear is NOT something we want you to feel. So, we put together this article to help you overcome your anxiousness and start to feel good about coming in to see us.

Remember you can trust us.

We count on you. Our team wants to help you. We want to get your dental health in tip-top shape. We want to give you the best dental service we possibly can, at the least amount of expense for you. If you are reading this article, you know that our office cares about you enough to change your dental experience. We want you to feel like you are important to us, because you are.

Be Informed

Knowing what is happening can help us all relax and feel less out of control. If you are uncertain about your treatment or procedure. Jot down your concerns and let us answer the questions. Even if we don’t have time while you are in the office for the diagnosis appointment (usually your cleaning or regular exam), call us and we can get back to you with the answers. Resist the temptation to scour the internet for info. Our team knows our procedures and how to interpret your dental history to paint a concise picture for you with much more accuracy than an open-ended internet search.      

Get The Care You Need

Once you know what dental treatment is diagnosed, get it. We do not wait to get a flat tire fixed once it’s blown out, don’t we deserve the same urgency with our oral health? Whether you are utilizing insurance benefits, a discount plan, or self-pay. Let your dental health be a priority. Your smile deserves at least as much attention as your car tires.