Good Eats

Want to take your campfire dessert to the next level? Top your creation with either whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. Talk about a decadent dream! And don’t forget to pack the wet wipes; this sweet treat can get a little messy!



  • 1 package vanilla pudding

  • 1 can of crescent roll dough

  • 1 jar of Nutella and/or pb&j swirl

  • sticks for roasting

  • nonstick spray

  • aluminum foil



  1. First, whip up your vanilla pudding. If your camping adventure is further than the backyard, make sure you do this before leaving for the woods!


  1. Wrap the end of your roasting stick with aluminum foil, and then thoroughly coat the foil with nonstick spray. To get into the camping spirit, it is encouraged to find your roasting sticks the old fashion way, on the ground. If that’s not your jam, feel free to bring some dowels from home. Just make sure your roasting sticks are about 1.5” in diameter.


  1. Wrap the crescent roll dough around the foiled portion of your stick, ensuring that the end of the stick is also closed off with dough.


  1. Slowly roast your dough stick over the fire until golden brown, making sure to rotate frequently so that it doesn’t burn.


  1. Once your crescent pocket is baked to perfection, remove it from the stick and fill the center with vanilla pudding. Coat the outside with Nutella or pb&j swirl.