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Los Cabos, better known as simply Cabo – is actually a catchall name for two distinct cities along the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula: beachy Cabo San Lucas and artsy San José del Cabo. Its gorgeous beaches, delicious Mexican cuisine, and accessibility from two major U.S. hubs via LA and NYC (two and six-hour flights, respectively) – Cabo has always been a consistently reliable beach getaway.

The last 20 years have seen an influx of new construction and community upgrades. The locale has kept its eye on preserving the region’s history and traditions while also making room for new businesses, modern resorts, and sustainability-minded restaurants (many utilizing organic and locally grown produce). You can truly find the best of both worlds – an authentic Mexican cultural experience AND a tourist-friendly vacation.

Here are a few top picks of must-do activities while in Cabo:


The Arch

Your visit to Los Cabos is not complete if you haven’t been to The Arch. This is the destination’s icon, so you cannot leave without taking a photo here! You can visit the iconic site in a variety of different ways. Try boat tour from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. Grab a local boat near almost any public beach and view the site from above the water mid-air via parasail right off the back of a boat. Or even try a kayak tour, getting you right up to it and explore the nearby beach.  


Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in La Paz

La Paz is a brief, but well worth it, 2-hour trip up the coast. The steady tourism in Cabo offers frequent guided tours up that way from many hotel destinations. Several companies offer surprisingly affordable guided trips that allow you once-in-a-lifetime snorkeling up close and personal with majestic whale sharks. Despite the intimidating name, these giants of the ocean are quite docile. As the largest fish in the sea, they feed only on plankton, passively eating in a process called “cross-flow filtration.” This gentle giant can grow up to the size of a school bus, so be prepared to be amazed.


Zipline through the Treetops

Dial up your adrenaline and cover Mexico in half the time. If you have never done a zip line, it’s time to try it out. Strap on a helmet and gulp up some courage as you soar over treetops to enjoy views of cliffs and canyons at heights of up to 300 feet. This activity is exhilarating and fun with little to no effort on your part. You can capture all the thrill without even breaking a sweat – perfect for your chill vacation.  


Sign Up for a Cooking Class
Many destinations with high tourism like Cabo now offer a variety of cooking courses for people wanting a hands-on experience with the food of that region. These are typically taught by either an English speaking local with cooking experience or a transplant who has spent significant time learning about the local cuisine and cooking styles. Whether you are a ‘foodie,’ a home cook or just someone who enjoys eating, this experience offers a unique and memorable meal. A quick internet search will reveal which companies or individuals are offering classes and the different locations where they are available. Whether you have been to Cabo before, are visiting for the first time, or maybe hope to get there someday, consider putting one of these activities on your travel bucket list!